What clients say about their counselling experiences

I remember our time together as a healthy experience, even when perhaps my own defences would attempt to deflect the conversations. With your patience, doors to my own internal world were opened that I did not know existed. When I write this, it sounds rather melodramatic to me, however it was the first time I had sensed my own internal abilities and control and a trust in myself that had long been hidden from me. That day when the penny dropped, everything seemed so much more colourful and a peace filled me as I drove home. In the following weeks, the experiences I shared with you no longer had that hold on me that they once had.

After our time had ended I began making tentative steps towards counselling as a career. I decided to study the person-centred diploma at University. Throughout my writing, my experiences as a client had a large impact on what I had to say, and I am very grateful for that. Everything was completed by May 2017 and I graduated in February 2018.

It has been a tough but worthwhile journey and I am very appreciative of the part you have played.

With warm thanks

(Part of a letter received recently from a client who completed counselling 5 years previously)

“When I met Lesley, my life was crumbling at my feet, I had no one to turn to for the help I needed. After the first session, I knew I’d made the correct decision. Over the next few sessions, Lesley managed to break down my barriers and helped me get through the bad times. Even now, when things are getting on top of me, I stop and recall all the things that I learnt in our sessions and this gets me through anything now. Counselling is normally frowned upon, but I believe that it was the best move I ever made, thanks to Lesley I’m a better person and feel that nothing can slow me down…”

What clients say about their counselling experiences. team pebbles