About Counselling. counselling two women

How does counselling work?

If you are thinking of coming for counselling and are unsure about what to expect, I hope the following will help to reassure you.

Your initial consultation is at a reduced fee as it is not only an opportunity to speak about what has brought you to counselling but also a time for you to ask questions about anything that may be concerning you.

We will discuss and agree a working contract so that we are clear about each other's expectations, but this can be reviewed at any time.

If you decide to continue with counselling, we will agree time schedules. Ongoing counselling sessions will last for 60 minutes each for a single consultation and 75 minutes for couple counselling, however on occasion you may want to continue beyond the those times, so we will have a brief chat about the additional time and cost so that you are comfortable to continue. I usually advise weekly visits in the initial stages of counselling and there is no limit to the number of sessions you can have - you decide when you feel you no longer need counselling.

Person Centred Counselling

I am essentially a Person Centred counsellor and as such, I do not give you advice or a set of procedures to follow in order for you to feel better. I consider that everyone has within themselves the ability to decide the best path to take in order to move forward with their lives. However, I have been trained in other approaches and in certain circumstances, have found it beneficial for my client to 'dip into' a different approach. I will, however, always be committed to working with you, at your own pace, in order for you to reach that awareness and will be open and honest with you at all times. In this environment of mutual trust and openness, hopefully you will feel able to start looking at those internalised blockages and move forward with your life.

About Counselling. plant growing through concrete

There will be peaks and troughs along the way, but I will always be there with you through that journey until you feel empowered enough to 'go it alone'